Deviations target model

In exceptional and justified cases the market area manager may depart from the merit order required under the administrative ruling on gas balancing issued by the German federal regulator Bundesnetzagentur (“Gabi Gas 2.0”) when taking system balancing actions. Any and all such deviations are published here for reasons of transparency. 

DateAberration rankCompensation rankReason
28/03/2019MOL 1MOL 23
21/01/2019MOL 4MOL 46
06/01/2019MOL 2MOL 23
26/12/2018MOL 2MOL 26

Possible reasons for deviations

  1. Amounts cannot be procured on the stock exchange
    1. Stock exchange is unavailable
    2. On the stock exchange there are no quotations/orders placed individually are not drawn (illiquidity)
  2. Technical problems
  3. Operational problems (human failure)
  4. Time problems
  5. Faults/construction sites on the gas distribution network
  6. Test call order

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GASPOOL publishes new Balancing Group Contract Terms & Conditions, valid from 1 June 2019.


As of now you can find the published conversion data also as graphical overview.