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GASPOOL has an obligation under sections 4(e) and (g) of the operative provisions of the decision amending the German gas quality conversion mechanism handed down by the national regulatory authority Bundesnetzagentur (below referred to as the “Federal Network Agency”) on 21 December 2016 (ref: BK7-16-050) to publish information on the quantities and prices relating to the measures it takes to physically convert gas from one gas quality to another, with this information to be published separately for its commercial and technical conversion activities and no later than five business days after the end of each month based on the available preliminary data. In addition, the preliminary daily quantities determined to have been virtually converted must also be published, separately for each direction of conversion. This data is updated once all relevant final data required for the purpose of publication is available.

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Please note that the data provided for a month is preliminary up until the 10th business day prior to the end of the second calendar month following the end of that month (M+2M-10BD).
Final data is usually available from M+2M-10BD.

H → L L → H
Date Quantity [kWh] Quantity [kWh]
01/04/2019 13,575,158 2,460,400
02/04/2019 17,070,046 14,952
03/04/2019 31,043,345 4,524,960
04/04/2019 27,335,452 21,733,551
05/04/2019 9,559,381 536,128
06/04/2019 10,015,655 7,440,717
07/04/2019 6,366,965 8,160,742
08/04/2019 17,943,017 23,943,491
09/04/2019 19,347,261 247,440
10/04/2019 9,804,154 1,594,824
11/04/2019 11,954,331 5,928
12/04/2019 1,018,536 1,933,202
13/04/2019 20,530,171 216,526
14/04/2019 21,872,001 439,478
15/04/2019 35,560,695 7,290,173
16/04/2019 5,163,212 11,340,731
17/04/2019 2,522,867 26,923,360

No responsibility is taken for the correctness of the data and exclusions of liability of GASPOOL Balancing Services GmbH apply here.

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As of now you can find the published conversion data also as graphical overview.


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