Aggregate consumption data

On this page GASPOOL publishes aggregate end-user consumption data for its market area on a daily basis. Consumption data is published both for “SLP” customers (i.e. non-daily metered customers whose daily demand is estimated based on standard load profiles) as well as for “RLM” customers (i.e. intraday-metered customers receiving gas at exit points that are equipped with a supply meter installation which records hourly consumption), with all information being published separately for each gas quality. Please note that the information provided on this page is based on the daily allocations submitted to GASPOOL by the network operators. GASPOOL cannot therefore accept any liability for the completeness or quality of this data.

Explanatory notes on the data series types published:

  • SLPsyn – Demand forecasts are determined according to the synthetic SLP method
  • SLPana – Demand forecasts are determined according to the analytical SLP method
  • RLMmT – RLM exit points with a flat allocation profile (i.e. measured daily offtakes are divided by 24 for energy balancing purposes)
  • RLMoT – RLM exit points with a structured allocation profile (i.e. offtakes are allocated as measured for each hour of the gas day)

Additional information on the different data series types is provided in the “Regulatory requirements” section of the download area of our website. There you can find the current versions of the applicable best practice guidelines published by the energy association BDEW.


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Please note that the data provided for a month is preliminary up until the 10th business day prior to the end of the second calendar month following the end of that month (M+2M-10BD). Final data is usually available from M+2M-10BD.

Date SLPsyn_H [MWh] SLPsyn_L [MWh]
01/03/2019 325,878 153,137
02/03/2019 338,661 150,485
03/03/2019 279,723 127,651
04/03/2019 263,803 129,016
05/03/2019 309,916 146,553
06/03/2019 290,628 134,710
07/03/2019 256,184 122,737
08/03/2019 289,856 138,571
09/03/2019 293,251 134,771
10/03/2019 325,806 156,252
11/03/2019 391,304 184,711
12/03/2019 395,350 185,058
13/03/2019 374,358 174,556
14/03/2019 369,718 167,816
15/03/2019 329,214 153,602
16/03/2019 300,555 138,970
17/03/2019 288,326 141,869

No responsibility is taken for the correctness of the data and exclusions of liability of GASPOOL Balancing Services GmbH apply here.