Prices for Compensation Energy

SLP reconciliation prices under the old quantity reconciliation methods/rules (pre-April 2016)

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All prices in €Ct/kWh

Month Monthly reconciliation 1 Annual SLP reconciliation 2 Rolling SLP reconciliation 3
12/2015 1.592200 2.072700 2.139800

1 Under the monthly reconciliation method, reconciliation takes place in monthly batches once the meter readings for an entire month are available for all exit points.

2 Arithmetic average last 12 monthly prices. Under the annual SLP reconciliation method, the quantities at all SLP exit points are reconciled once annually as of a fixed reference date.

3 Under the rolling reconciliation method, the quantities at each SLP exit point are reconciled individually on a rolling basis once the relevant meter readings are available (only where meter readings are taken on a rolling basis).

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