Balancing neutrality charge for SLP- and RLM exit points

As a balancing group network operator, GASPOOL is according to determination on gas balancing (“GaBi Gas 2.0”) obliged to post expenses and revenues from control and compensation energy into a separate levy accounts for SLP exit points and for RLM exit points and to publish the balance of the levy accounts at monthly intervals. If the costs forecast exceed the expected revenues of a levy account GASPOOL charges a balancing neutrality charge of € /MWh on the relevant exit quantities for SLP and RLM.

The balancing neutrality charge from 1 October 2020 to 30 September 2021 is 0,000 € EUR/MWh for RLM exit points and 0.000 EUR/MWh for SLP exit points.

Due to the determination of Gabi Gas 2.0 GASPOOL is obliged to publish the calculation basis and the system for forecasting of the control and compensation energy levies and distributions.

Balances levy account

The monthly balances of the levy account

Balances levy account for SLP exit points

Balances levy account for RLM exit points

NB: The balance of the levy account is a momentary representation. The individual transactions relate to different periods. The balance information is therefore of limited value only.


Overview of balances levy account and control and compensation energy levy of the current and of the previous years

Area and Zone overview and entry-/exit points of market area THE due to be launched on 1 october we publish here.

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On 21 April the cooperaton contract regarding the merge of the german gas market areas was signed.

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The Slides of the joined customer events for BGM and balancing gas are published here for you.