Report on the system balancing actions

The administrative ruling on gas balancing handed down by the German national regulatory authority Bundesnetzagentur (below referred to as the “Federal Network Agency”) on 19 December 2014 (the so-called “GaBi Gas 2.0” ruling) imposes an obligation on the German market area managers (MAMs) to report on their system balancing activities, with the first reports to be produced one year after the GaBi Gas 2.0 ruling has come into force. In their reports the MAMs are to provide an account of their balancing experiences in the context of their internal and external balancing actions and related procurement activities. This report describes our system balancing activities and related balancing quantities for each rank of the applicable merit order for balancing actions (usually shortened to “MOL” for “merit order list”) along with the associated costs and revenues. In addition, this report describes our use of balancing services, our balancing-related procurement activities at the Title Transfer Facility (TTF) as well as our use of our balancing platform. We also provide a summary of our first experiences in connection with the implementation of a 2015 policy paper on measures to improve natural gas supply security published by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy (throughout this report referred to as the “BMWi policy paper”).

Report on the system balancing actions 2018

Report on the system balancing actions 2017

Report on the system balancing actions 2016

In both German gas market areas, suspected cases of fraudulent behavior by balancing group managers have occurred in 2018.


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