System points for physical nominations

Providers who have agreed to supply or receive gas for system balancing purposes in specified network zones or at specified physical entry or exit points are required to cause a physical effect in those zones or at those points.

On this page GASPOOL publishes the physical entry/exit points available as delivery points for system balancing purposes as required under the Terms and Conditions of GASPOOL Balancing Services GmbH for System Balancing Transactions (System Balancing Terms & Conditions). The list provided below is valid for all deliveries of zone- or quality-specific products (System Buy/System Sell) to be made or accepted by providers under the System Balancing Terms & Conditions.

The points included in the list also constitute the relevant points for trading parties who are required to cause a physical effect in the context of restricted physical exchange trades effected via the quality- or zone-specific order books of PEGAS pursuant to article 28 of Appendix 4 to the Cooperation Agreement VIII (Balancing Group Contract Terms & Conditions).

In both German gas market areas, suspected cases of fraudulent behavior by balancing group managers have occurred in 2018.


Please take part in the Control Energy Tender for Flexibility (H-cal and L-cal) starting 22nd of January 2019 06:00 o'clock to 7th of February 2019 06:00 o'clock on a monthly basis for summer 2019. 


How does the Exit to the german gas market works and how can I use the virtuall trading point actively? We explain it to you in a short video.