Tender process for Short-Term Options 02/03/2018

GASPOOL is conducting a tender for “short term balancing services“ within the l-gas area.

Start of bidding period:01/03/2018, 05:00 pm
End of bidding period:03/03/2018, 06:00 am
Network system area:Gasunie Deutschland Transport Services GmbH (L), Nowega GmbH, Gastransport Nord GmbH
Performance period:02/03/2018, 06:00 am until 03/03/2018, 06:00 am

Please use only the tendering platform for balancing services of GASPOOL for placing your offers.

The Terms and Conditions for System Balancing Transactions as well es Annex 1 to the Terms and Conditions for System Balancing Transactions you find in our
download section.

Information about handling the virus and business continuity


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