Significant reduction of GASPOOL fees and neutrality charges effective from October 2019

Berlin (Germany). GASPOOL Balancing Services GmbH has now published the new neutrality charges and fees it has set for its market area with effect from 1 October 2019. The balancing neutrality charge that is applied to gas supplies to non-daily metered “SLP” exit points will go down, from 0.730 €/MWh to 0.290 €/MWh. The “RLM” balancing neutrality charge – the one charged for gas supplies to intradaymetered exit points – will also decrease from 0.260 €/MWh to 0.015 €/MWh.

As of the start of the new gas year GASPOOL will also reduce the fee it charges for use of the GASPOOL Hub, the virtual trading point (VTP) of the GASPOOL market area, from 0.130 cents/MWh to 0.116 cents/MWh.

The gas quality conversion fee applied in the market area will be also reduced from 0.450 €/MWh to 0.420 €/MWh from October 2019. As is already the case today, no conversion fee will be charged for the conversion of gas from low CV to high CV quality.

The conversion neutrality charge applied by GASPOOL will fall from 0.075 €/MWh to 0.005 €/MWh.



NEW from 10/2019

SLP balancing neutrality charge

0.73 €/MWh

0.290 €/MWh

RLM balancing neutrality charge

0.26 €/MWh

0.015 €/MWh

VTP fee

0.13 ct/MWh

0.116 ct/MWh

Conversion fee H to L

0.45 €/MWh

0.420 €/MWh

Conversion fee L to H

0,00 €/MWh

0.00 €/MWh

Conversion neutrality charge

0.075 €/MWh

0.005 €/MWh

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