Customer event 2020 for BGM postponed due to COVID-19

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions on events, GASPOOL Balancing Services GmbH has decided to cancel this year's customer events for balancing group managers to take place in Berlin.

The BGM- event will be postponed to the end of 2020, depending on the then applicable regulation.

We will get back to you in time.

If you have any questions, please contact your contact person at our company at any time.

Information about handling the Corona virus (COVID-19) and business continuity

GASPOOL Balancing Services GmbH takes the current developments regarding the corona virus and the associated restrictions for our employees, customers and service providers very serious.

Numerous measures to protect employees in this challenging situation have already been taken. GASPOOL has made special arrangements – especially for the 24/7 dispatching. Currently the company sees no restrictions in the business processes, in particular the procurement of balancing energy for the GASPOOL market area and the services related to the virtual trading point.

In these challenging times, we are in close contact and constant exchange with our shareholders and the other German transmission system operators. GASPOOL is closely watching the current situation and will inform you about current developments here.

If there are any queries left, please don´t hesitate to contact your account manager as usual.

Market merger – Invitation to 5th market dialogue

On the way to the nationwide market area, the transmission system operators together with the market are managers have initiated important steps and processes. In order to inform the market about the current state of the project, we have developed the event format Market Dialogue, with which we want to present the latest developments to you on a regular basis. We see the market dialogue as an important communication platform in order to get into the discussion with you as representatives of the market.

Hereby we would like to invite you to the 5th market dialogue:

Tuesday, 16 June, 2020, 1 pm (registration starts at 12 pm) until approx. 4pm
Address: dbb forum berlin, Friedrichstraße 169, 10117 Berlin

The agenda will be sent to all registered participants approx. one week prior to the event.

We ask for a binding registration by 27 May 2020. To do this, please email the fulfilled attached registration form to marktdialogDies ist das

Please note that initially only one participant per company can be registered. If there are still capacities available after the registration deadline, other participants of the company can also take part in the event. You are welcome to call the optional participants already in your registration.

The market dialogue is aimed at both, German and English-speaking participants. The show will be held in german language only, we offer simultaneous translation again.

If you already have questions about the market area merger, please let us know in advance on the registration form or by e-mail.

We are looking forward to have an interesting discussion with you. If you have any queries left, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us via e-mail: marktdialogDies ist das

Kind regards
Your Transmission System Operators and Market Area Managers

market dialogue @ eworld

On the second day of the E-world "energy & water" trade fair in Essen, the market dialogue on merging the gas market areas in Germany was already held for the fourth time. Ralf Bahke, managing director of the transmission system operator Ontras Gastransport welcomed more than 240 guests and presented the corporate-logo of the new market area manager Trading Hub Europe. Furthermore, the representatives of the transmission system operators and the market area managers explained the further course of the project and discussed the latest developments about the regulation on Kap+ and Kombi. 

The english presentation you can download here.

New Portal Terms of Use for new registrations

The new GASPOOL Portal Terms of Use comesinto effect on 4 February 2019. They apply to all Market Participants whose registration process was not yet completed on 4 February 2019 and to all those initiating a registration process after this date. The existing Portal Terms of Use shall continue to apply unchanged for Market Participants whose registration process was completed by 4 February 2019.

The changes to the Portal Terms of Use primarily concern the following aspects:

  • Change to the documents required in the registration process and the specifications for the market role “balancing group manager”, in particular:
    • Request for information on the business model for balancing group management
    • Provision of a tax certificate  
    • Provision of (European) good-conduct certificate for the members of the management and the users
  • Change to the options for refusing access to the portal, in particular:
    • Non-admission if there are specific grounds for believing that the Market Participant will not properly meet its statutory obligations as a balancing group manager or its obligations from the Portal Use Agreement or the balancing group contract (“unreliability”)
  • Change to locking users, in particular:
    • User locked in the case of “unreliability”
  • Change to termination options, in particular:
    • Termination without notice in the event of false statements by the Market Participant in the registration process

The new Portal Terms of Use can be found here.

Suspect of fraudulent behavior of balancing group managers

In both German gas market areas, suspected cases of fraudulent behavior by balancing group managers (BGM) have occurred in 2018. The market area managers (MAM) identified that some BGM in part caused extraordinary imbalances in their balancing group accounts within the relevant periods.

Imbalances between the inputs and offtakes recorded in balancing group accounts may generally result under the current rules. In accordance with the regulatory and contractual requirements, the resulting imbalance amounts are charged to the BGM based on causation. In the present cases, the MAMs currently assume that the BGMs in question caused their imbalances purposefully. Therefore, the MAMs must assume that the invoices will not be settled.

The relevant balancing group accounts were closed immediately (partially by extraordinary termination) following the contractual requirements. In addition, legal action has been taken against the BGMs. 

As the MAMs are currently in ongoing proceedings with respect to the relevant BGMs, the MAMs cannot provide any information regarding the amount of the damage, the payment details or even the names of the relevant companies.

In all suspicious cases, the Federal Network Agency was informed about the situation and the action taken. Furthermore the MAMs have taken the initiative to have the contractual framework amended.

Encryption and digital signature

According to a decision handed down by the German national regulatory authority Bundesnetzagentur (Federal Network Agency) on 20 December 2016 regarding necessary amendments to the rules for electronic market communication in order to meet the requirements laid down in the German Act on the Digitisation of the Energy Transition (decision ref: BK7-16-142), from 1 June 2017 all market participants will have an obligation to use encryption and electronic signatures when sending and receiving EDIFACT messages. 

Where can I find the GASPOOL SMTP-Key?

In order to implement the decision, senders and recipients need to exchange and test their public keys and corresponding certificate chains in advance. GASPOOL’s public SMTP key and corresponding certificate chain consisting of our intermediate and root certificates are now provided and can be accessed here:

Certificates for the electronic encryption for sending EDIFACT messages

How do I transmit my Certificate Chain to GASPOOL?


Please contact our customer service team by e-mail and attach the certificate chain (Root, intermediary and public certificates) to the mail in a zip-file. Once the data you provided is complete we will contact you to arrange a date for the switch over.

Further Information

It is important that you provide our service provider with the complete set of certificates consisting of the root certificate, intermediary certificate and the public certificate for your email.

Please never publish your private certificate.

The following diagram describes the encryption and signature process.

The following Key-Usage must be supplied: 

Example certificate set: 

Publication of implementation of the BMWi (German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy) policy paper

The annual VTP consultation took place from 25 May to 7 June 2020. Over 40 participants accepted this invitation and evaluated the VHP services of GASPOOL. The results of the consultation you will find here.

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GASPOOL starts a Control Energy Tender for Flexibility for the winter period 2020/21. Bits can be submitted from 29 june until 10 July 2020.

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Information about handling the virus and business continuity

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