Managing director

Dr. Sebastian Kemper, Managing Director of GASPOOL since January 2018

Dr. Sebastian Kemper

Dr Sebastian Kemper studied law at the University of Münster and at the Universidad de Sevilla from 2000 to 2006. After graduating from university, he completed a two-year legal traineeship – which is mandatory in Germany to fully qualify as a lawyer –, working as a trainee lawyer at Krefeld Regional Court. Following this, Mr Kemper earned his doctorate by completing a doctoral thesis on the gas network access regimes in Germany and Spain at FU Berlin University under the supervision of Professor Säcker.

He embarked on his professional career in 2010 by joining E.ON Ruhrgas AG as a consultant on German and European energy law.

Sebastian Kemper has been with GASPOOL since 2012 and was head of the Legal/Regulatory Affairs & Public Relations department until the end of 2017.

Since January 2018 he has been a managing director of GASPOOL Balancing Services GmbH, overseeing the company’s business alongside Jörg Ehmke. In his current role Mr Kemper continues as head of Legal/Regulatory Affairs & Public Relations and has also assumed the position of head of the Market Area Management department. 

In both German gas market areas, suspected cases of fraudulent behavior by balancing group managers have occurred in 2018.


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