Utilization of Control Energy

(period until 1 October 2015)

Implementation of the joint target model for harmonization of control energy procurement by GASPOOL

The implementation of the joint target model for harmonization of control-energy products and control-energy procurement procedures of the German market area managers was completed by GASPOOL on 26 September 2013.

Please use the new Control Energy Portal for submitting offers for periods that extend beyond 1 October 2013. You can access the new portal in the existing Control Energy Portal.

From 30 September 2013 onwards, you will only be able to submit offers in accordance with the joint target model for harmonization of control energy procurement. The existing Control Energy Portal will no longer be available after this date.

Further information on the Target Model for a Standardized German Balancing Gas Market

12 October 2012: Market area managers present common target model for a standardised German balancing gas market

A major step has been made towards implementation of the common target model aimed at harmonising the balancing products and procurement procedures of the German market area managers GASPOOL Balancing Services and NetConnect Germany.

Over the last months the two market area managers have been working – in close cooperation with the transmission system operators and the federal German regulator Bundesnetzagentur – on a common target model that harmonises the procedures for procuring balancing gas throughout Germany. A decisive factor in the development of the model has been the promotion of liquidity in the wholesale markets while at the same time ensuring system stability and security of supply in Germany.

In the course of an information event held in June 2012 in Bonn, the preliminary target model was presented to national and international traders and was subsequently provided for consultation on the websites of the market area managers. The responses received during the consultation were later published on the market area managers' websites.

Based on the received responses the model has been further specified and modified to accommodate the needs of the market. The exchange-based procurement of balancing gas within a market area manager's own market area has been awarded the highest rank in the merit order list, a move which is intended to maximise the share of balancing gas procured from the wholesale market.

The procurement of balancing gas in adjacent market areas, however, has been downgraded to a merit order rank of 2 and the procurement of title products via the bilateral platforms of the market area managers has been removed completely from the target model.

Furthermore, the target model defines rules for the configuration and use of standardised and non-standardised balancing products traded on the exchanges and on bilateral platforms operated by the market area managers.

Full implementation of the target model will be achieved by 1 October 2013 at the latest.

Times of requests

The request times defined by GASPOOL are 05:00 PM (CET) and 03:00 AM (CET) at d-1 and 09:00 AM (CET), 12:00 AM (CET) and if necessary 07:00 PM (CET) and 10:00 PM (CET) at d. They result in supplies/offtakes (DA respectively RoD) over 24; 18; 15; 8 respectively 5 hours. Furthermore, according to the business terms and conditions for control energy, GASPOOL reserves the right to differ form the request times mentioned above.