Utilization of Control Energy

(period until 1 October 2015)




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1 Balancing for gas shortfalls
2 Balancing for gas surpluses

No responsibility is taken for the correctness of the data and exclusions of liability of GASPOOL Balancing Services GmbH apply here.

Times of requests

The request times defined by GASPOOL are 05:00 PM (CET) and 03:00 AM (CET) at d-1 and 09:00 AM (CET), 12:00 AM (CET) and if necessary 07:00 PM (CET) and 10:00 PM (CET) at d. They result in supplies/offtakes (DA respectively RoD) over 24; 18; 15; 8 respectively 5 hours. Furthermore, according to the business terms and conditions for control energy, GASPOOL reserves the right to differ form the request times mentioned above.