Tender process for Long-Term Options 2020

GASPOOL is going to conduct a tender for the newly adjusted product Long-Term Options. The tendered capacity is 

  • 1,300 MW in the L-Gas grids (Nowega GmbH, Gastransport Nord GmbH and Gasunie Deutschland GmbH (L-Gas)) for January and 
  • 2,300 MW for February and 2,300 MW for March 2020 in a direction System Buy

The demanded performance period is from 01.01.2020 06:00 CET till 01.04.2020 06:00 CET. The tendered capacity is demanded for monthly performance periods.

Start of bidding period: 28/10/2019, 06:00 am
End of bidding period:
11/11/2019, 06:00 pm 
Performance period:01/01/2020, 6:00 am until 01/02/2020, 6:00 am 
01/02/2020, 6:00 am until 01/03/2020, 6:00 am
01/03/2020, 6:00 am until 01/04/2020, 6:00 am 
Capacity demanded:1,300 MW for January, 2,300 MW for February und 2,300 MW for March
Grids:GUD-L, GTG Nord, Nowega
Direction:SYSTEM BUY
Mode:Rest of the Day (RoD)

Cross Border Interconnection Points and Market Area Interconnection Point are excluded from this tender. There is a list of physical entry/exit points. Offers consisting of daily metered exit points are also valid for the tender. 

Contracts will be awarded by 27/11/2019 06:00 pm.

Please place the offers in the GASPOOL Tender platform.

Please note that offers which were placed at the tender platform are only complete and valid if you send the below linked form by fax (+ 49 30 364 289-222).

GASPOOL is going to conduct a tender for the adjusted product Long Term Options. The tender starts in November 2019. You will find more informations here.


The Name of the german-wide Market Area Manager will be Trading Hub Europe. The german TSO published a press release, you can find on the project website.


GASPOOL Balancing Services GmbH has now published the new neutrality charges and fees it has set for its market area with effect from 1 October 2019.