Capacity Bookings

* Entry/Exit Points GASPOOL:

A - VIP-TTF-GASPOOL-H (21Z000000000500Z)
B - VIP-TTF-GASPOOL-L (21Z000000000499V)

applies to bookings made before April 1st, 2020:
C – GUD-H (H104)
D – GUD-H (H095)
E – GUD-L (L138)
F – GUD-L (L139)
G – GASCADE (1632)
H – GTG (21Z000000000079G)

    DateAuction TypefromuntilCapacity TypeEntry Gaspool*Exit Gaspool*Capacity [kWh/h]Costs [€]
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Hereby we invite you to join the 2020th VPT-survey. You will find the online-form here.

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Information about handling the virus and business continuity

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We invite you to attend the fifth market dialog on 16 June 2020 in Berlin, find more information.

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