In the GASPOOL market area, we offer a special biogas balancing pool contract to parties who feed in biogas. The contract provides for cost-free balancing which goes beyond normal balancing.

Note: The biogas fee contribution in the GASPOOL market area is imposed by the network operators with widespread market coverage in the GASPOOL market area as a surcharge on the exit fees at network connection points and at of interconnection points to downstream networks.

If you require a connection in order to feed in biogas, please contact the relevant entry network operator.

High control energy costs in winter 2013/14 are due to overlapping market area.


From 1 January 2015, a neutrality charge of 0,0282 €/kWh/h/a will be applied in the market area GASPOOL to recover the costs for switching over network areas from low to high calorific value gas quality.

Starting October 1, 2014, GASPOOL will procure control energy from TTF (Title Transfer Facility) in the Netherlands.